My name is Nigel Parkinson, I have lived in Sheffield my entire life and have been a P.G.A Golf Professional since 1999. Like most professional golfers, my ambition was to make my fame and fortune playing golf all around the world, the truth is that this wonderful life only happens to a few, and as reality of life, home building and the need to provide for my family hit home, my attentions turned towards the club professional and teaching career. When I first began teaching in 1996 I based my instruction on the knowledge I had gained over the years of playing golf and taking lesson myself, it didn’t take long until my intention was to give my clients golf instruction that was easy to understand but very effective. A phrase I once heard was “why use hundreds of words when only a few will do?” This has stayed with me ever since, the experiences gained as an up and coming golfer has no doubt influenced my teaching style, now I have years of coaching experience it is still my ambition to keep learning and evolve to be a golf instructor that clients feel no doubt when recommending me to their family and friends.

Reflecting back on all the lessons I had been given was important for me to decide the key elements of my coaching and more importantly what I wanted the client to experience. There were lessons I came away from not understanding what I was being asked to do, with no drills or good practice routines, not excited or enthusiastic to practice and feel a desire to improve, no lesson notes. Obviously, I did have the other experiences that I would be proud to replicate and some of the skills I have are as a direct result from working with some excellent coaches.

Naming my Academy Pure Golf was my intention around seven years ago. It was common to hear my clients discussing articles with me they had read, or advice they had been given and I often thought “I need to be Einstein to understand and apply these ideas and instructions.”

It is my opinion that many magazine articles, tuition books and indeed golf coaches try to make their methods sound complicated or unique as a way to stand out and sell more, but this is a smoke and mirror tactic.

The golf swing is a three dimensional movement with the end result hitting the ball where you want it to go – it has been this way for years and will always remain that way. Although biomechanics and golf fitness has become more publicised over recent years the swing principles remain the same.

Pure Golf is my style of coaching and my ulitmate goal is for every pupil to understand what it is I would like them to do and how to do it every time they complete a lesson.