02. Perfect Stance & Posture

A good set up is pivotal to a repetitive golf swing, this will be the frame work for your golf swing to work around.


Let’s start with your feet. For a full swing the optimum width of stance is shoulder width apart, measure this with a line down to your heels rather than toes as these should be pointing outwards slightly. Heel to toes balance is just as important as left to right, balanced on the balls of your feet ready to wind and unwind your swing. As I wind up the backswing I like to imagine small tree roots growing from the edges of my shoes into the ground to really anchor my feet to the ground. Break the roots on your down swing under your right heel and outside of your right foot as you drive and pivot onto your big toe.


Now from this position stand tall and proud, chest out, shoulders low and back while your eyes are looking at the horizon. Whilst standing in this strong proud position, take your grip with the club out In front of you approx belt buckle high with your arms comfortably extended. A lot of people get into this position well but then fail to tilt down to the ball in the correct way. (I would recommend rehearsing this next move without a ball in the way to influence your eyes).

To support your tilt correctly first thing to do is engage your abs by softly pulling in your stomach from your belt, this supports your upper half as you tilt and takes pressure off your lower back muscles. Now allow your back side to go slightly backwards as you begin to tilt your spine forwards, imagine your belt buckle tilting down to face the ball, keep supporting your body by keeping your abs engaged, hinging from the hips and keeping well balanced in your feet, gradually you will reach a point where the club head rests on the floor.

If you have allowed your arms to follow your tilt, they will be approximately hanging directly under your shoulders. There will be a tight feeling in the back of your knees and this is where we add knee flex, just enough to take the tightness away and so your knee caps are out to the end of your shoe laces.

Start position

Start position

Tilted into straight one posture

Tilted into a straight spine posture

Knee bend added

Knee bend added

2.3. Key check points

Side on view or reflection

  • Very little or no curve to your spine.
  • belt buckle tilted down to face the ball.
  • Chin up away from your chest.
  • Hands hanging approx 4–5 inches from your legs.
  • Your chest and the front of your biceps should be in a line.
  • Perfect balance heel to toe.
  • Shoulders, hips, knees and toes should all be parallel to one another and also to a target line.

Face on view or reflection

  • Hands forward of the club head or inline with driver.
  • Shaft tilts forward slightly.
  • perfect balance left to right.
  • stance width.


Many things in golf are a blend of things, feelings or moves and the perfect posture is no different. You need to feel relaxed not to create tension and restriction but also be able to support your tilt and knee flex through good balance and position.

2.5 common faults

  1. Spine bent
  2. Hands too high (straight line down your arms and the club)
  3. Weight sitting back on heels
Spine bent

Spine bent

Hands too high

Hands too high

Weight sitting back on heels

Weight sitting back on heels