06. Left foot through impact

Foot remains planted

Foot remains planted

With better technique and a more powerful wind up in the backswing it would make sense to fine tune balance and weight support through impact and follow through.

Rory McIlroy is great to watch to see how your left foot should remain still through impact. The ball of your foot should stay on the ground all the way through the swing and on completion. If your weight shifts onto your heel it will cause your toes to lift and if the weight moves onto the outside of your foot you will be only balanced on half of your foot. Both actions are common and will possibly cause slight errors in contact and direction of the golf ball.

It may not be easy to do this foot position and rotate fully so your hips are both facing the target and your right foot is all the way up onto the big toe, your flexibility and muscles may need to be trained by good constant practice swings until it is achieved.

Add this practice to your 3 set of balls routine and just focus on no part of your foot leaving the ground and maintain balanced to the finish. Turning your foot out at address could help with the move through impact.