09. Bunker shots

9.1. Set up

  • Club face opened slightly to activate bounce
  • Aim slightly left to allow for club face aiming right
  • Wide stance
  • Ball position forward like driver
  • Knees bent
  • Shuffle your feet into the sand to test depth of sand, stable foundation
  • Weight 70/30 front foot

 9.2. The swing

  • Keep legs very still during swing to maintain balance and position.
  • Very wristy feel to the backswing to get a steep swing plane.
  • Thump down and through the impact.
  • Take approx a pint glass of sand with the ball.
  • Aim approx 2 balls back of the ball to enter the sand.
  • Accelerate and follow through to ensure sand and the ball come out together.
  • For short shots control the backswing and maintain a smooth acceleration through impact (like chipping and pitching).


Practice aiming and hitting a line in the sand, when you do this consistently just imagine that line 2 balls back from the ball and hit it.


The most common faults in poor bunker shots are deceleration, leaning back or not hitting the sand behind the ball consistently.


This Phil Mickelson video explains the bunker shots perfectly.