11. Putting

11.1 Set-up

  • Eyes directly over the ball, hands directly under your shoulders.
  • The club should be a straight line extension of your forearms so the grip will need to run through your palms rather than in your fingers.
  • Index fingers down the side of the grip to help keep the putter steady.
  • 5/10 grip pressure.
  • Ball position forward of centre is ideal.
  • Lock your knees by pushing outwards, this will help to keep your body still when putting.

11.2 Putter styles

  • 3 main styles of putter to accommodate different strokes.
  • Face balanced for straight stroke.
  • Heel toe weighted for slight arc stroke.
  • Traditional blade style for strong arc.


Correct putter length is key to good putting.

11.4 Putting stroke

1/3 back stroke 2/3 follow-through.

Your shoulders tilt and not turn, feel your front shoulder go down on the backstroke and work up as you follow through. Your hips, legs and feet remain firm and no movement to ensure a consistent pendulum type of stroke.

11.5 useful tips

Short putts keep your eyes and head still, listen for it going in rather than looking.

Look at your target whilst practice stroking or rehearsing your stroke, this will help in giving you the feel for distance.