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Next course Thursday 8th September – 5pm – 6pm for 2 consecutive weeks.

This course is available as a group session and aimed at the golfer who has complete beginner/moderate experience but now needs that extra help and advice to advance their game

Group details

Session 1 – Set up

Check that the following points are correct and not impeding your swing.

  • Grip, Posture, Stance
  • Balance, Ball position
  • Aim & Body Alignment

Session 2 – The Swing Circle & Power Wind Up

Working to improve your swing by learning the key skills below.

  • Understanding of the Swing
  • Body rotation & Power wind up

The course will be a fun packed learning experience
Guaranteed to improve your golf

And great value at £25 per person

Limited to 10 golfers per group so sign up ASAP!