Smash Factor Driver Class

Next class TBA.

Smash Factor Class is Here!

The group class is 90 minutes long, the content will be as follows:

1. Is your driver correct for you?

Choosing the correct driver is a blend of head bias, weight, loft and size, grip texture and thickness, shaft torque, length, weight and flex.

I will assess your driver and see if it fits all of the above to suit you.

2. Perfect Driver Set Up!

There are subtle differences in setting up to a driver rather than an iron, by the end of the session you will know exactly how to do it and the common mistakes to avoid.

3. Driver Swing

Learn the key swing thoughts and principles to hit the ball, longer and straighter than you ever thought possible.

Contact me directly for any further information or to check availability.


Great value for money at £20 per person.