See what Pure Golf Academy clients have to say.


I’d just like to say thanks for the lessons over the last few weeks.

I’m glad I took the special offer of the range and on-course lessons.

My ball striking has improved a lot and the chipping and bunker lessons were really useful –  I used to lose far too many shots with my short game.

I like the way you change one thing at a time and don’t try to give me the swing of a 20 year old. I notice that my confidence is higher and that also helps the game.

And the proof of the pudding – a couple of weeks ago I had two very good rounds and my handicap is now four shots lower.

Here’s to another four shots.

Thanks again

Tim Spencer

I met Nigel when he joined Chapel Golf Club as Club Professional two years ago, when I was just getting back into the game. I had become a social golfer for a few years and never really saw myself returning to competition golf…..after only a couple of lessons with Nigel I could see an improvement. His open and relaxed style combined with a focussed approach to putting changes into practice worked for me and I know I am not on my own. Nigel is very effective with all levels of skill and abilities.
The Hudltechnique is also really useful, however I would put emphasis on something very important though ……be prepared to go away and do something with what you learn and you will definitely see incremental improvement. I’m back again playing consistently to my handicap which is what I was looking for, thanks to Nigel.

John Hind
Just wanted to say thank you for the impact you’ve had on my game. As you know, I was a little apprehensive about lessons having had a bad experience in the past, but you’ve really transformed my swing, my confidence and most importantly my scores in the short time I’ve been working with you.
I have to say, you put me at ease straight away and brought the changes in I needed at the right pace without having a massively negative impact short term (we’ll forget how bad I was on the playing lesson!).
The last month has seen me win three competitions and finish 2nd in another! My handicap is falling, and I’ve just come off the course having shot a gross 6 over par 76. Not bad for a now 14 handicapper!
I’m really looking forward to you helping me get down to that single figure handicap.
Thanks for everything mate.
Scott Norburn

WINTER PROGRAMME. My game had been suffering a steady decline for a while and having seen a local advert I decided to check out Nigel and his winter programme. I have found the programme extremely useful and informative. Nigel has a very empathetic style and uses simple speak, which was very beneficial for me!!. Its taught me new methodology that I look forward to putting into practice this coming summer.

Charles Mills

WINTER PROGRAMME. Nigel’s coaching during the winter programme has been a great help to get me back into golf after a long layoff. His coaching is helping me to get rid of some of my bad habits and improving my all round game. I will certainly be enrolling for the summer schedule to hopefully improve my game even further.

Ernest Lazenby

WINTER PROGRAMME. Nigel’s winter program was the ideal opportunity to continue to improve my golf whilst away from the course and I highly recommend. I can see
for myself the improvements gained and look forward to hitting the course a step ahead. I’m signing up for the summer course too.

Dax Copeland

WINTER PROGRAMME. The winter program run by Nigel was great. The mix of lessons and walk on sessions worked really well and stopped the bad habits creeping back in whilst working on improving my ball hitting. Personally I like Nigel’s coaching style as he maintains a lighthearted attitude whilst helping you improve your golf. As someone who is quite new to the sport. Nigel and the courses he runs have help me improved my golf massively.
I will be signing up for the summer programme and would recommend it to anyone who want to improve their game.

Mark Holmes

WINTER PROGRAMME. A fantastic program that couples both one to one coaching & practice sessions – this combination has really helped to improve my game due to practice time being more productive, as I am not just hitting a few balls at the range with no structure, but practicing techniques learnt in the one to one sessions which is all overlooked by Nigel

Matt Bruce

I decided to book a course of 8 lessons with Nigel at Pure Golf Academy in order to try and improve my levels of consistency, willing to effectively start again from scratch if necessary. I have had lessons on and off over the years with various professionals, but I can honestly say that none have had the positive impact on my game that these lessons have given me. I am only 6 lessons in, and already the improvements in my game are fantastic – best money I have ever spent on golf! I will be booking further lessons and would highly recommend Nigel at Pure Golf Academy to anyone looking to improve their game. I have also enrolled my 8 year old son into the Junior coaching sessions, and he is loving it.

Dave Preistley

SHORTGAME MASTERCLASSAfter taking part in Nigel’s short game masterclass my confidence around the greens and from 100 yards in has improved significantly. The classes are fun and Nigel’s methods are simple to understand. I saw instant improvements in my short game and it has also helped me structure my practice at range better.

Lee Broomhead

The thing about Nigel is that he is there for you in the long term and can help you through the inevitable ups and down with golf, either through his useful range of courses or with individual lessons. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

Adrian Barber

I received some golf lessons as a Christmas present, and have to admit I was very hesitant at first and not being very good, I was all too conscious of the embarrassment I would endure as I hacked another ball three yards! I needn’t have worried. From the off Nigel was welcoming, friendly and put me completely at ease. So much so when my course of lessons finished I booked some more! His laid back yet professional style makes the lessons interesting and easy to follow and I won’t go to anyone else and have since recommended Nigel to friends of mine.

Richard Sidebottom

Up until my first lesson, I had never before played golf. Nigel took me through each progressive step at my own pace, patiently teaching me the skills and rules of the game, taking a genuine interest in my achievements. But most of all, he proved to me that golf is fun!


When I first showed an interest in playing golf, my partner recommended lessons with Nigel. I did exactly that and can honestly say Nigel made the process of learning to ‘swing a club and hit a ball’ relatively easy, while being informative, interesting, and we had a laugh (always a bonus). And so our relationship began!

Over the five years I have now been playing, Nigel has helped me every step of the way, be it with private lessons, shared lessons with my partner, or group lessons – these I find very useful and fun because you get to chat with other players and also hear their questions and answers, etc.  He is always on hand for a chat and a congratulatory comment when you have had a good game or a handicap reduction.

I have had lessons with another Pro and a semi Pro and while I did enjoy these, I think Nigel has my confidence and trust and have no reservation in recommending Nigel when anyone needs a bit of guidance or instruction.


I returned to playing golf initially with some purchased 1:1 lessons with Nigel. These proved extremely helpful and Nigel’s approach, knowledge and patience were key to giving me the ‘golf bug’ once again. I’ve continued to receive tutoring, club guidance and support from Nigel for the last 18 months and this has helped me make significant improvements to my game. Nigel’s style, humour, knowledge and experience are exactly the traits I wanted in a golf pro and I would recommend him to fellow golfers, no matter what stage you’re at in your development.